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About Us

Running a great food service outlet requires a great fresh produce supplier. Every plate you serve and every customer's delight in it is dependent upon freshness and quality in the produce you use.

Having your menu supported by good stock quantity, price and regular delivery is essential for you to reliably serve quality meals.

It doesn't matter whether you're a hospital, a club bistro, a takeaway outlet or a fine-dining restaurant, Rarity Wholesale knows how to support your business through reliably sourcing a diversity of the best produce and promptly and frequently delivering it to you.

We form a vital link between fresh produce suppliers and your food service business.

Produce and Information

We don't just distribute produce, we supply information. We can tell you what crops are looking good will soon be available. We can tell you what will soon be in short supply and expensive. We can recommend alternatives for your menu, including new products both locally and further afield.

We even have farmers growing specialty crops exclusively for our clients. Why not partner with us and make your life easier and more profitable.